Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Hair Cut and a Screaming Child

I had all my hair cut off today.
I have been trying to grow it long, but the last time I went for a haircut, the polish guy butchered me.

I popped into a local salon and he gave me a really trendy cut, hacked tons off but it has knocked a few years off the face which I could do with after hitting 43 this year.
I am not sure my husband is going to be too pleased, he wants me with long hair again, but recently it looked as though I had a pair of dog ears hanging down my face.
Maybe I will post a pic of it later.
Hubby is at Uni at the moment and comes home tommorow insha allah, so I think he will be shocked lol

Imane my daughter threw a fit after leaving the salon, as she had seen a really spiky boys cut on a pic on the wall and wanted it cut bad. My daughter wants to be a boy at the moment, only wears spiderman socks, boys clothes, refuses to be called Imane and only answers to the name of "HUMF" (dont ask me why) and now she is intent on having her hair cut into a short crop.
So as we were walking up the hill tonight she was lagging behind screaming "Cut my hair NOW". I just about made it home without having a nervous breakdown. She then proceeded to lay on the hall floor kicking her bedroom door screaming "I want a boys cut, its not fair".

Oh the joys of motherhood.


Twizzle said...

salaam aleikum,
ha ha ha that is so cute about your daughter Imane... he he he.... so when did this all start with her wanting to be a tomboy? did she just happen to start suddenly one day or did she see something on tv she thought was cool and starting imitating it?? its interesting... I was a mix of tomboy and girly girl when I was young :)

ohhh I hate it when I go to a salon and they cut my hair totally not how I wanted it!! one time I went to a guy and asked him to cut 3 hair was almost down to my waist at the time. I was not paying attention as he was cutting and all of a sudden I looked and he had cut my hair to just about or a lil above (can't remember anymore) my shoulders!!!!!!!!!!!! and he said he did it "because it looks better that way" and he also mentioned that my hair was in bad condition anyways. the nerve of him!!!!!!!

It was alreay 1/4 done so I had to let him cut the rest... but I was sooo upset---although looking back it looked really good but it wasn't what I wanted at the time.

Imanes Mama said...

Her obsession with being a boy started the last time we went to visit her father in Zurich. He spent most of his time lavishing attention on her new brother and she got jelous.
I think she feels unless she is a boy her father wont love her. Sad really, he father has a lot to answer to (especially as he only bothers to call her for 40 seconds once a year).

Anonymous said...

You should throw away the boys clothing during the summer, lol.

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