Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Since the day I first arrived in UAE all those years ago I have loved Bakhoor and became quite an expert on it.

I burned it everyday until I left in 2004 and still today when I can get hold of it I will use it to scent my home.

One of my favorites was made by some of the women from the Al Shamsi family, I was often given their wonderful homemade bakhoor pastels to burn and the scent was just out of this world. I also used to purchase very good quality Bakhoor in the wood form from Rasasi Perfumes in City Center Mall in Dubai.

To scent my local dresses and abaya's I would place them over a wooden structure and place the Bakhoor burner underneath until all the pungent smoke billowed through the fabric.

My husband just returned from the UAE and bought me Agarwood Coarse Powder from Abdul Samad Al Qurashi and it is beautiful. I just burnt some and my home smells divine.


Zahras Jewelry said...

Check out the Rasasi and Abdul Samad bakhoors and perfumes from perfume.zahras.com

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