Monday, 25 January 2010

The Fairy Path

I have been running a business from home for years.
It started in UAE in 2000 and I have been running it on and off since then.

I have just purchased a new website The Fairy Path and am busy re-uploading all my work such as my photo/3d art, websets, 3D tubes and packages etc.
I have had so many clients ask when I am re-opening that I thought it was about time I got my website online again and begin to create.

I made this blog layout tonight, after uploading the background came out a little bigger than it was supposed to but it looks ok I think.
I plan to create lots more using my art work and offer them for free insha allah.


Twizzle said...

ohhhhhh your blog layout is sooo pretty Mashallah!! inshallah you get you site up and running soon :)

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