Friday, 8 January 2010

Memories of Kalba

Sometimes when I walk around Brighton it seems a life time ago I was in UAE.
My life there before I married the nasty ex husband was so totally different to how it is now, sometimes it seems like I dreamt it all.

Some of my fondest memories are of our weekends in Kalba (next to Fujeriah). For years we went every weekend to a large farm our friends owned.
We would leave wednesday evening or thursday morning and drive to the farm, all our friends in their 4x4's tagging along.

We spent the entire weekend driving into the mountains and wadi's playing music at night with loads of people from Fujeriah arrving to join in. Often I was the only female (which was normal as our friends were like my brothers), unless my best friend Fay came too with her local husband.

At night when it was very late, I would like to go drive alone, pop to the gas station to buy cream cheese and fromage frais (got sick of eating and seeing an entire goat on a plate). So to ensure I was safe, our dear friend Sheikh Hamdan Al Sharqi would make me drive his Land Cruiser with the Number 2 plate, so I was 100% safe (in those days the single numbers on a car belonged to Sheikhs only).

It used to amuse me when I pulled up to the gas station in Fujeriah in his 4x4 with the blacked out windows, watching the young guys stand to attention thinking a sheikh was getting out, and then this woman appears in leggings, bumpers and her hair covered. You could see the look on their faces as they wondered who the heck this woman was haha.

I also remember swimming in the pool surrounded by Jasmine bushes with their sweet scent. Sheikh Hamdan always handpicked me Jasmine from his garden each weekend when it was blooming. I miss those days and wonder how everyone is.

No one knew what happened to me once "O" died, only just recently I managed to make contact with the local family I lived with and told them what happened. (My ex husband deleted all phone numbers from my mobile when I was married so I lost touch with everyone).
I hope to return to UAE with my new husband this year and hope to find everyone again as I miss them all so much. They all knew me as LouLou as that was my name before I converted (Louise but nik of LouLou)


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