Friday, 22 January 2010

The Loss Of My Photos Of UAE

There were two things my ex husband did that truley broke my heart.
One was destroying every single letter and card my mother had written to me throughout my years in UAE.
I found this out the day I came out of Al Corniche Maternity hospital in Abu Dhabi after 4 long months as a patient after delivering my daughter Imane.
My mother died the month before Imane was born so I was dying to get out of hospital and read all the letters she had sent me over the years just to be close to her.

When I went to the box I kept them in, they were all gone, the Morrocan pig had ripped them all up and thrown them away. I was destroyed really, it broke my heart.

Now my photos of UAE were in their hundreds. Remember I lived in total there for 13 years and lived a life most expats dont get to see or experience.
I lived amoungst Emirati's and only had one British friend, I also lived with a local family and had hundreds of photos, some I had taken, some friends had taken and even professional ones by a famous photographer in UAE "Ramesh Shukla", who was a dear friend of "O" and myself.

My ex husband, after getting married, destroyed almost every single photo I had, I was left with just a handful, all my memories, all my history of my life there GONE. Again this broke my heart.
I do know that "O" my late Emirati partner, had copies of most of my photos and if I remember correctly they were stored in suitcases in his uncle Mohammed Al Shamsi's (the well known poet) traditional emirati house in Sharjah, where Mohammed used to sit in the evening talking with local elders and writing more poetry.

I often wonder if they are still all there, "O" died in 2005 so I have noway of knowing, hopefully when I return to UAE I can find that old old house and knock on the door and hope I can get some of my photographic history back insha allah


Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum,

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh what a horrible horrrrrrible thing for your ex-husband to have done to your mother's cards and letters! oh wow.... just what an A$$ is all I can say.

and then to have then had all those photos destroyed... Subhanallah!

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