Saturday, 9 January 2010

I Hate Snow

It has been snowing here in Brighton for days, I HATE IT.
We live right up on a hill and to walk anywhere means walking on black ice, its been a nightmare.

I have not been able to go to work since tuesday and its getting boring now.

My husband is due to fly back from Dubai tommorow, his flight is not the worry, its him getting back to Brighton that is the worry. I am constantly checking the weather and it does not look good.
Right now it is snowing again with more forcast all today and tonight and tommorow.

I have to head out down that slippery hill soon to stock up on food, not looking forward to it.
Rayed and I have his appointment at the Home Office in Croydon on tuesday to swap his student visa to a husband one. I just hope we make it and trains are running on the day insha allah.


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