Monday, 14 May 2012

Lucky Escape

I was so lucky 2 weeks ago Alhamdulillah.
It was wednesday 2nd May 2012 and I had just finished my morning duty and was on my way to get some lunch and had the snack list for the office with me (we take it in turns).

My office is outside a very busy and at times dangerous road. Quite a few people have been killed on the crossing, so we are always careful. The crossing has two parts both with the red/green man to let you know to cross safely or not.
I got over the first part and then reached the second part and as I reached it, the road that side was empty except for one car waiting at the traffic lights. As the green man was about to start flashing I waited a few seconds, saw the car was still waiting and started to cross (as soon as you put your foot on the crossing when the green man is either static or flashing, the pedestrian has the right of way). As I reached almost to the pavement the car suddenly shot out.

I turned and knew he was going to hit me and my first thought was my daughter who was at school. Everything happened in slow motion, the car hit me and I got thrown almost 6ft up the road. I remember laying in the road on my side and the driver was standing over me in total shock, I also remember a woman on her bike trying to cycle around my sprawled out body as she shot me a dirty look to say "Get the hell out of my way".

I managed to sit up and put out my hand and asked the driver to help me up. I must of been in shock as he told me he was calling an ambulance and I started scrabbling around in the road trying to pick up my shoe, bag, phone etc and then I told him "No dont do that I am ok I need to go shopping", I then began shaking and crying as it hit me how lucky I was. For some reason I told the driver to get me in his car and drive me round the corner which he did.
The young driver could not stop apologising, he was in more shock than me. He had been on his way to university which is near my office and just saw the lights change and pulled away and he said he never saw me at all on the crossing.
Then the pain began to hit and we called my office and two of my collegues came running round to see what happened.
Despite my objections and despite the fact my chest and arm were really hurting I still refused an ambulance being called (I dont like drama) and did not want the police called as I felt so sorry for this young man (crazy I know) my collegue then went back to the office to get his car and came back and drove me to the A&E

I think the woman on reception must of thought I was a nutter, as I stood there with my handbag and said "I have just been hit by a car and thrown up the road". She looked at me as if to say "Really are you sure" lol.  I assured her I really had and I also had no idea how I was able to walk into A&E unaided.

I was seen my the doctor and had a couple of x-rays and I had no broken bones Alhamdulillah. I ended up with 2 broken toenails, 1 ripped shoe, all over body bruising, one badly bruised and grazed leg and some tenderness in my chest area. I was so lucky Alhamdulillah. The doctor said it was probably because the car was not going too fast and the fact I do carry some extra pounds.
I had 2 days off work and then went back last monday.

I have let the driver know I was ok and although it may have been silly not to call the police, I still feel I did the right thing (my collegue did get his details incase I had suffered serious injury) as he was about to sit his final exams at the end of his 3 year degree, he was on the way to Uni to study and just made a mistake by putting his foot down before looking in front of him. Hopefully it shocked him enough to always check first before hitting the gas.


Coral Crue said...

oh no!!! so sorry to hear. I hope you rest and heal up. I feel bad that biker woman was so rude!! atleast you are fine and nothing is broken. thank GOd you are safe

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