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To the person who left the judgemental comment

I recieved a comment on my blog post Knickers on the Ceiling Fan and all the Jazz, of course left as anon. I knew I would get one or two, it was expected. But here it is:
Im sorry i can not help but think that you were just in the same position as those and the same level as them with the only difference that you gave exclusive service to O , and i say this because i am sure he was sponsoring uou and your glammy life and pay your bills , house , cloths , etc. so is just matter of geography, when the man was married with family and would never leave them for you or even take you as a wife cause i am sure you were not worth the price he would pay for doing that , well in any case he got everything he wanted without having to do so , so there you go! ... Don't fool yourself thinking the rest if the man respected you, they All knew who you were and what you were and took you for exactly that otherwise they would never do such things in your presence or uou would say they eould fo that if one of their lawfull emiratis wives would be there? .... So please next time do bot talk low of others when you do nit have the moral authority to fo so , if now you have changed good for you but back then you were not better or different than them, and it pisses me off when you di not even realize it! .... By the way if you write a book call it fir what it is " memoirs of a exclusive hooker" or do

In answer to this poster first I would say WHY does my post Piss you off, was I talking about you?
I was sharing stories from the past, it would be unfair to just talk about all the nice things as it would not be a truthful blog of experience. And I have high morals dear anon, and more respect than you as would never dream to leave a comment full of bile on someones blog who I do not know personally. You seem to take the story so personally, why is that and why the need to post anon?

I would like to clarify the following.

1) I was not an exclusive HOOKER, and I also did not have my glammy lifestyle provided for me. I owned and ran two very busy businesses. One being a resturant in the Al Mamzar area, the other was a very high class and respected Hair and Beauty Centre on the trade center road with British staff, both business were featured along with a story about me in Gulf News. I worked from 8am until often 1am. After we sold the businesses due to O's bad health and the fact I was getting very tired running both I then ran a very successful web and graphic design business from home and was featured again in Gulf News.

2) I always knew O would never taken a second wife, its not something his family does. However when we met he had said he was divorced, this I found to not be true after I arrived in UAE. However despite that we were best friends, he was loved by my family and he was a father, brother, uncle to me. He was there for me and he protected me best he could and I knew his wife, his children and got on very well with them. So your comment that basically states I was his hooker is so far from the truth...not all relationships are sex based, although maybe your's are.

3) The comment about the friends not respecting me and that they all knew who I was. OH YES, they knew who I was and thats why I was introduced and socialised with their wifes, sisters and kids. Got invited to weddings and their families parties. What they chose to do in their spare time was not something I could change. However 99% of the people I saw commiting sin were not from our group, but people who just turned up at for a free weekend and this was normally at the farm. I had a fantastic relationship with our social circle who were in the majority very influential people in UAE. You forget that most of my story centers around the time these hookers started to arrive during our weekends and that was not until around 1998 and is not about the entire time I was there which was 13 years and I stopped going to the farm in 1999 anyway.
You also forget that O and our friends whisked me away as soon as these girls arrived, in the hope when we returned much later in the evening they would be gone. The main farm we stayed on did not allow these people to enter, it was only at the other farm that they would turn up and it was on those occasions that I had to witness the carrying on.

And for YOUR information NEVER ONCE did anyone from our friends lay a finger on me, or try to lay a finger on me, so your disgusting comment that they took me as a hooker just shows what a small mind you have. 99% of the time spent with our friends was fantastic, we went fishing, drives in the desert, travelled to places such as Oman, went out for dinner to good restaurants, horse and camel racing, we sate for hours debating politics and views on the world. Your comment is so out of order because you have based your views on one blog post and assumed my entire life in UAE was as that blog post. Infact that blog post probably represented 0.0001% of my time in UAE.

And of course they would not drink or bring hookers in front of their wives, are you mad? I was a British expat, non muslim who was able to mix freely with both men and women just as I had done in the UK. I also did not own them so I had no say in what they chose to do. They also did not deliberatly set out to do anything unjust in front of me. It just happened on rare occasions (not farm related) we turned up when something had already been arranged, if they knew I was coming, 100% would the other guests not be allowed to visit.
The farm however, if you bother to read the blog post properly, was when someone outside of the group turned up with a 4x4 full of women who ply their trade when he knew the farm would be full.
That is why we spent as much time away from the farm when they were there as possible and why eventually we as a group stopped going all together. I highlighted one particular story when we had no choice but to stay (I do not feel in the need to go into detail why).

Let me tell you Ms Anon, still today people in UAE remember me with respect. I was 100% respectful, never did I put a foot out of line, never did a break a rule. Never did I sell my body for sex. I ran companies, and I ran them well. I enjoyed going out when time allowed and I socialised with O's friends, however that all stopped when I converted to Islam and probably quite a few years before. If my reputation was so shit, why on earth would I then be invited to live as part of an Emirati family in their house??? If my friends thought I was some cheap whore, do you think they would have had me in the house? Do you really think I would be allowed to mix with their wives and kids??? NO I dont think so. Do you think I would have been invited to offical functions?? No.
But I was, so this proves the point.
They also trusted me to be around their families and not talk about their life outside of the home. Most of the wives I am sure knew their husbands drank and probably had girlfriends but it was not my place to tell them so.

When I first arrived in UAE I knew no one except O, therefore rather than spending the time alone I went out in the evening and if it happened that we visited someone who had already arranged something sinful then there was not much we could do other than choose to leave, which we always did except on the farm. You forget it was not a case of just getting into the car and leaving. Our group all travelled in 1 4x4, if something happened such as the night with the hookers, we could not just up and leave especially so as our friend who drove the car always had some business connected with his farm at the weekend. Near the end I started taking my own car or would travel with Fay and her husband so we just upped and left when something happened.

Some people have friends who are drug addicts, some who drink too much, does this mean the people who mix with them are also addicts and drunks? NO it does not. Therefore just because a few people I knew liked a hooker or two does not mean anyone else who mixed with them liked it too and neither did it mean that I was also a HOOKER. You forget in the UK women do not just sit and mingle with women, often women sit with men and just men, does not mean they are having sex with them, we have men as friends and see nothing wrong with being in a room full of men and we KNOW how to behave and respect ourselves.

But this blog is to talk about the good, bad and ugly of UAE. My life was not a round of drunken, hooker fuelled parties. I had a very interesting life however occasionally something would happen such as the hooker stories, so why not share it. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I was raised with high morals and to respect myself and my body and I have ALWAYS done that and will always continue to do that and that is why I WAS Respected in UAE despite what your nasty little mind thinks.

As a last note, if these people thought I was what you claim they thought I was, why on earth would a member of the Fujeriah Royal family go out of his way to protect me while in Kalba, by giving me his car (his number plate told everyone who's car it was) to drive so no one would bother me when I wanted to go out on my own while there, bring his small children to meet me and arrange my conversion to Islam by personally speaking with the judge at the sharia court in fujeriah. If I had a reputation as a cheap hooker with no morals, I can assure you this person would not have been associated with me at all.


Anonymous said...

Ok, first of all I want to make clear that I am not interested in getting into argument with you,so don't try , neither try too hard to soften the story when everybody knows what a mistress is, and as a matter of fact, i make no distintion between a hooker, a whore and mistress, all of those fall in the same category to me and to any respectable woman out there. You are saying that you owned 2 businesses ( allow me to smile to that) of course you did ! both of which were finaced by O, am I wrong ? .. I am sure !, or you will now tell me that you came to the UAE with money to establish 2 businesses, of course not!, lol... You as many others including those hookers you were talking about, come here with the hope to get hold of a wealthy man who can provide for all that and more, poeple like that do not come here to better themselves by their own means, but on somebody else expenses.Now you are saying your relationship with O was so innocent , something like a father or an uncle, allow me to smile again to that, or you will say that you never slept with him or had sex with him or were having an intimate romantic and sexual relationship? if that was not the case then I apologize and take everything back because I misunderstood the whole situation, otherwise i rest my case and stick to my previous post. On the other and to end this whole thing (argument) I belong to a very good family in every way you can imagine, from wealth, education, reputation,and so on point of view, and I was raised and educated in a way you can even compare to, so your reply about maybe "me" having relatonships based on sex makes me laugh. I am married and i got married virgin and i had only known one man in my life, thing that you can not say, so please.
Good for you if you have changed your life and converted to Islam, I honestly wish you well. That's all

MARLEY said...

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