Thursday, 1 November 2012

Well Hello There Everyone

It has been pretty hectic in my life the past few months so not had time to update my blog.

My daughter continues to have issues and her gender identity disorder is getting worse as she gets older. Sad thing is she is also going through early puberty so has started to get boobs which is traumatising her (she is almost 9 years old).
Tommorow her Doctor from London is coming down to our home as we feel she may open up more as to why she feels she should have been born a boy if she is in her own territory so to speak.

I get DLA (Disability Living Allowance) now for her, which has made up for the loss of income by having to cut my working hours to part time and again to term time working only to cope with the many complex issues she has. She got DLA first go, which was brilliant as normally you have to really fight for it and she was awarded high rate care, which was great as she does have a lot of needs.

I am kind of living in limbo at the moment. I am waiting for my islamic divorce but my soon to be ex husband has just returned from 3 months in Dubai and Singapore and continues to stay in my home until he feels ready to move out, which I think is unfair. Since we married in 2009 I have financially supported myself, this home and my child 100% so really there is no point being married. Infact he has told me he is waiting to hear about a job in Dubai and if that does not come through he will move out by begining of December. However he is giving me zero in the way of financial support while he is here and all he does is sit in the home on his laptop, probably doing what he has been doing for the past 3 years which is advertising himself on all the muslim/russian etc matrimonial websites.

Long story about our marraige and one I wont go into until I am finally divorced, by my life right now is utter misery and I just want to be alone in my home with my child and to get my life back on track without feeling so stressed. Infact I have been having a lot of heart palpitations recently which I am sure is stress and I have gained a huge amount of weight as food has always been my drug of choice when misrable.

I am just about to go out with my daughter and her friend Bradley who had a sleep over here last night. I am going to take them to see Madagascar 3, then to Mcdonalds and then drop her friend home. It was mayhem here last night and I now realise I am lucky just to have one child as my patience levels are virtually zero LOL.

I am busy preparing Imanes 9th Birthday party. I have booked the local hall, DJ kids entertainment company, a woman is going to prepare all the food because I would rather pay someone to do it than struggle over making hundreds of sandwiches and all that Jazz. Its costing an absolute fortune but it will be worth it to see my daughter happy.

Thats all for now


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