Monday, 30 May 2011

My first week back in Hijab

My first week back into Hijab went sooooo well.
My work collegues loved the different colours of shayla I wore all matched perfectly with my outfits, infact my manager "Janet" was so pleased to see I was not going to be dressed head to toe in black.

Members of the public who came into my office and suddenly realised it was me under that headscarf and were really shocked to discover I was actually a muslim. "I never knew you were muslim, why did you not tell us", well considering most people come into my office to complain about their neighbours, dog crap all over the pavement or the fact their bedroom has damp, its a bit silly to assume I would say to them "Ok dont worry I will arrange a surveyor to assess your damp bedroom wall, oh and by the way I am a muslim, would you like to read Quran with me"

As to what I now wear, well same as before really with the exception that under everything I wear a long sleeved lycra top, I bought loads of new tops all with shaylas that somehow match perfectly. Peacock Blue, Festival Pink, Cranberry Red etc etc. My manager comes out each morning now to see what I have put together for the day lol.

I feel at peace now back in Hijab, because I did it because my heart wanted to do it. I may have been out of Hijab for a long time but Allah knows what was in my heart.
I do miss my Emirati style hijab but its not for the UK to be honest and also my husband does not like it. My Emirati way of life ended the day I left UAE and now I live a different kind of life so I have adapted what I now wear.
I may post some pics sometime inshaAllah


سمــا Samaa said...

Shall I say mabrook?! Along the laughter, I sensed a refreshing feeling..

Anonymous said...

oh and by the way I am a muslim, would you like to read Quran with me"

LOL!! :) Alhamdulillah if you feel at peace and happy, comfortable, that's what matters. I also believe that women should enjoy their hijab- their dress. It should be elegant, to their taste, pleasantly looking. So that the nice clothes reflected the nice personality, a happy woman living a happy life underneath the hijab. So that one glance at a Muslimah was enough to understand that she practices a beautiful religion and lives a decent respectful, full life.

Um Zakarya said...

Assalamu Aleykum,

I just came across your blog.I'm also a revert sister and I can relate to most of your posts I have read.I'll be a faithful follower InshALLAH :)

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