Friday, 20 May 2011

Back to Hijab

Well tommorow I am back in Hijab.
Its been a long time coming and not sure really why I stopped wearing it.

I do a difficult job, visit people in their homes, alone and some have mental health issues, drug abuse issues and racism issues. I think before I met and married my husband I stopped wearing it because I was worried about my safety on the job.
Anyway it was my choice back then, Allah knows everything and it is him who will judge me "Only".

In UAE I wore Khaleeji style hijab and loved it, but it is not suitable for UK and to be honest my husband does not like that style.
I will continue to wear my normal clothes (mainly trousers/jeans) however I have invested in a number of different coloured long sleeved lycra tops to wear under anything I have with short sleeves. I have also purchased both in UAE and here the most beautiful and colourful shayla's and cant wait to hit the street.

I am wondering what people on the bus will think monday morning. We get the same bus everyday, they are used to seeing my hair and will probably be sitting there monday thinking "what the heck is this woman wearing" lol.
One of my work collegues "Michael" told me, "but we have seen your hair so what is the point of now covering it", so I told him, "Well when it gets luciously long and glossy or I change my style you wont get to see it will you", he did laugh at that.

Life is pretty good at the moment. I am so tired however. I wake at 5.30am each day, drop Imane to school, make my way to the office and we dont get home until 6.30pm. I then cook a meal from scratch and before you know it, its time for bed.
Husband is due to finish his 3 year Bsc next week, Imane is finally getting tests and things done for her behaviour issues and gender identity issues (we actually have to travel up to London to the Tavistock Clinic next friday) and we are making plans to return to UAE for good next year InshaAllah.

I hope all of you have a blessed and relaxing weekend InshaAllah


♥ααℓiα♥ said...

Salaam Louise <3 MashaaAllah on your decision and you're right, only ALLAH has the Right to judge us and our hearts xoxo

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