Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Not long until our trip back to UAE

We fly end of this month back to UAE
I have missed my husbands family a lot, they are such wonderful people especially my mother-in-law.

My husband is talking about moving back to UAE in the next year or so. I am much older now than when I left, things have changed a lot, I hope I am able to find a job if we move back because I love working, I could not imagine staying home all day. I still have a few contacts there, I would have still had them all if my ex husband had not wiped everyones phone and email's off my mobile while I was in hospital pregnant with Imane.

I am not sure what I would like to do, my background is really in management and Housing Management. I have owned 3 businesses and currently work for the government. Anyway we will see what happens in the next few years. I will probably start another business, its one thing I am good at if you dont mind me blowing my own trumpet lol.

Although when I returned to UAE for the first time last summer, after I was forced to leave in 2004 by my ex husband, I hated what I saw, but I guess part of my heart is still there. I got such a massive shock last summer that my beautiful UAE had become this massive tourist attraction, everything had changed and everyone and their dog seem to now be living there. In my mind I expected it to be as I left it. I still stand by what I said in my post after my last trip back there, about not liking some of the things that go on there, but I was always open about it to my friends when I lived there and I always will dislike those things such as using "Wasta" for personal gain etc and they way people depending on their passport are discriminated against.
We are going for 3 weeks this time so I hope to meet up with old friends as did not have time last visit.

InshaAllah our trip is easy and at least this time the weather will be beautiful, wow how on earth could I forget how hot the summer's used to get, it was a shock to my system last august when I went back.


♥ααℓiα♥ said...

Asalaamu 3alaikum Louise,

Give me ur email plz so I can send u the invite ;-)

Louise said...

Dust n Roses said...

Salaam Louise! I've been reading ur blog since you opened it but was never able to comment till now(the box just never showed up)! don't what changed but just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I enjoy reading your posts and appreciate you sharing your past, as hard as it maybe! I've learned a lot of life lessons, so thanks! and it's funny, as i first started going to Dubai in 2004 when you left, and I LOVE hearing about how it use to be, I always asks the old schoolers to tell me more! Good luck as your life takes you into yet another chapter....

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