Saturday, 26 March 2011

Did a bit of shopping today

I have been out as early as possible this morning shopping for our trip to Dubai.
I hate shopping, I must be one of the few women who hate it. I like to get in, get out and home ASAP.
My husband Rayed however adores it, he can be out from 9am until 5pm just shopping for a pair of socks, it drives me banana's and I actually always try to come up with an excuse not to go out shopping with him because just to find a simple shirt means, M&S, over to Zara, into debenhams, back to M&S, back to Zara blah blah blah until 6 hours later he buys the first shirt we looked at.

I have been stocking up on Clinque, I hate to admit it but I bought the entire skin care range, including all the anti wrinkle creams, loads of make up and my purse is now roughly £500 lighter (dont tell hubby). I am a DERMALOGICA fan but my skin care regime was costing me roughly £360 ever 6 weeks and I just cant do it financially anymore lol.

Today I bought Imane 2 pairs of shoes from Clarks (gota love clarks shoes for kids), as you all know Imane only wears boys stuff, so I had to sadly shop in the boys section :(
Then got her loads of shorts, TShirts, denim jacket, jeans etc (again from boys sections of M&S and H&M). I got 3 new pairs of lovely summer shoes, loads of clothes that will be suitable for parading around in front of Hubby's family. Even my husband got spoilt, Clinique for men skincare, new CottonCool underpants lol and socks .
(I no longer wear Hijab and my husband does not like me to wear it even when I am in UAE..It is very difficult to wear it in my job anyway, I deal with some very uneducated, racist people who often have severe mental health issues and our daily working life is dangerous without having to do a lone home visit to a racist who has a criminal record while my hair is of my collegues some time ago was kidnapped by a tenant and kept hostage and subjected to sexual abuse for 5 hours, so I do not want to ever put myself in a situation where I am attacked in someones house because they are racist)

While out shopping, I was people watching a bit. As soon as the sun comes out in UK, so do all the sights of summer. Today we had builders bum's galore, ver fat women in transparent white linen trousers with thongs undeneath, so you could see all their dimply flesh wobbling and their butt crack (Yuck, I have a big butt bu no way would I subject the general public to a viewing of it), All the little madams, with skirts up around their ears with those evil fake tans that turn them kind of orange and all the "Chav" single benefit claiming mums pushing the flashest, biggest white/pink or other Chav coloured pram that their £500 maternity grant could buy them (not from UK and not sure what a Chav is, then google it) with their other 5 or 6 kids tagging along.
As well as the above you get the drinkers walking around town clutching their cans of special brew or swigging out of a large bottle of Cider, while swerving all over the pavement drunk as a skunk. Gota love Brighton in the Summer, its pure entertainment.

I am home now, obviously because I am typing away on here. I am sitting wearing my Slendertone Flex Ab Toner belt on full blast, doing 2000 situps while I type and eat a chocolate catapillar. Imane is over the road with her best buddies Nicolas and Felix, hubby is finishing a project for Uni and the cat is sunbathing in the window. I love weekends.


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