Sunday, 23 January 2011

Going Back To Dubai

I am travelling back to Dubai inshaAllah on 1st April for 3 weeks.
We will be visiting my husbands family again so I am looking forward to that a lot as I love them all so much.

Despite not loving the way Dubai and UAE had changed when I was there last summer, I hope one day I can fall in love with it again. Having family there helps a lot and maybe someday we will be back living there again.

My husband will be studying most of the trip as this is his final year at Uni and he has important projects to complete so Imane and I will be out and about hopefully with my sister-in-laws. I still know my way around the whole of UAE really well despite being back in UK these past 7 years so getting around is easy for me.

All my husbands family live virtually next door to each other. Many years ago the previous ruler of Sharjah gave my father-in-law a large piece of land and he built a huge house on it. Later the house was split into two villa's, my inlaws live in one and my brother-in-law, his wife and 5 kids live in the other. To visit you come out of one door into a hallway and into the other house.
Then later when my other brother-in-law got married he built another villa in the grounds of the land, so we are all near each other.

My brother-in-law who lives in the villa within the grounds is a well known Plastic Surgeon at Rashid Hospital. I was quite suprised when I googled his name how many articles there are on his work, so we are all very proud of him for the surgery he does on patients who have suffered greatly in fires and accidents. His work is mainly repairing damage, not for vanity.

I am currently trying to loose lots of weight. In the last 3 weeks I have lost 9 pounds and from tommorow plan to do Zumba everyday. I will not be attending classes as I work full time and do not get home until 6.30pm, going onto a class would be hard for Imane, so I purchased the Zumba DVD kit and will be Zumbering away in my Majlis lol.

Thats all my news for now, hope you all have a great week.


Umm Qahtan said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !

I hope i can come see you inshaAllah.

♥ααℓiα♥ said...

Awww hope you have a great time xoxo

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