Thursday, 23 September 2010

Life Is Strange But The Internet At Times Can Be Brilliant

Wow what a strange few weeks.
The last 10 days I have met on the internet, two people from my past.

One is fellow blogger Umm Qahtan.
I follow her blog, she follows mine, two strangers (or so we thought) in the blogging world. After my post about come join me on Facebook, she took up the challenge (Thanks Allah).
I posted the handful of photos I have left of my time in UAE and BINGO, Umm Qahtan recognised me from years ago.
It took a while for me to remember who she was becuase all the bad things that happened to me there, were at the forefront of my mind pushing the good memories into the back.

After letting me rack my brains for a while I kind of rememberd a scenario of 3 girls on a Balcony in Ajman. I got it right and the memories came flooding back.
All those years ago, after I had left "0", my best friend at the time "Faye" asked if she could bring someone to meet me. That afternoon in walked Umm Qahtan and us 3 girls sat on my Balcony overlooking the Ajman Port, talking about A-Z, I apparently gave good words of Wisdom which remain and will always remain between me and Umm Qahtan only and I gave her a Quran and believe I also gave some advice on being a muslim.

So we are back in touch, who would have thought the internet could suprizingly conect two people after years. Allah is Great Wallahi.

Second person is someone I used to work with who absolutly worshipped the ground I walked on and who's heart I broke at the time when I left to live in UAE. So despite the bad things about the Internet, it can at times be absolutly Brilliant.

As for home life right now, its not good, but despite the problems and out of respect for my husband I will not go into detail until I am able to. But all I will say is that I wish men would respect women more and marry them for the right reason.

Have a good week everyone.


UmmKhaled said...

Oh MashaAllah...I also know UmmQ...I met her in UAE she came to my Mother-In-Laws in Al Ain. Aww what a small world. And she knew one of my best in life real friends Aneesa from online but I live near her. This world is so small. Wow. Inshaallah everything works out for you in your marriage. I also wish men would respect more.

H. said...

It's a small world after all!

Umm Qahtan said...

Loulou...i wish some day soon we meet again and spend a few hours chitting over all the good old days to wipe away the cob webs and party islamic style lol.

Kasey..ur a dahl really i had the pleasure of meeting you and inshaAllah one day the 3 f us will meet in good cercumstances. Loulou, watch out for this kasey lol she is one funky woman with a grt sense of humor.

I love u loulou..Allah has blessed me soo much to have u back in my life again. xox

Good friends always stay together no matter what and this is my proof!!

Imanes Mama said...

Kasey, wow small world how we all seem to know someone in the blog world for real xxx

Lovely to find u too Umm Qahtan, I still cant believe it xxx

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