Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Muslim Matrimonials

Have any of you ever browsed some of those muslim matrimonial websites?
Sometimes for fun I go browse the profiles and it amazes me some of the photos "Muslim" women looking for a husband post.

Sexy shots with bare shoulders and peroxide blonde hair falling over their shoulders, half a pound of muck on their faces. One I saw today was an American woman with a Dolly Parton hairdo complete with huge Tiara, bare shoulders and all.
Not a very good advert really to be posed like a playboy playmate looking for your muslim mate.
As I posted about in my previous blog post, what is it with women outside of the Middle East wanting a UAE national only????? Whats wrong with any good muslim man? What do they think their going to get marrying UAE only (well I can guess what they think they will get).
Most who post ads for "UAE only" also have photos that are more suited to a fashion magazine. If they are trying to attract the guys looking for a goodtime girl (but not marraige at the end) they are probably going to get lucky. But for real marraige material, I dont think they will find what they are looking for.

Now the men on those sites are something else.
I once put an ad on a few years ago. I had a pic of me in Hijab and the amount of sleezy men on there was amazing. I remember one local guy from AD started using the chat system with me and he was basically looking for a good time girl. He claimed he wanted to marry me 30 mins into chatting and then he began to talk about his love of backdoor exploring and how this was a must for him if he married me. I sat there looking at my computer just laughing. I ended up just signing off, blocking him but I am sure some silly little Wannabee took him up on his offer to meet up for a taster session.

Dont get me wrong its not just sleezy Gulf guys out there, no, no, no. The amount of men (mainly from Middle East/Pakistan) who tried to chat and then tried to turn the convo into a free cyber porn session was unbelievable. Is asking a woman what her breast size is really Islamic?
Are these guys not afraid of Allah??? If they want a woman just for a quick bit of jiggery then I would imagine something like would be more up their street.

Then you have guys who post a pic of themselves dressed like a Khaleeji, put their details as being from UAE/Qatar etc and then you actually find out they are infact Egyptian/Indian etc, who happens to work in an office or something in UAE. Have they clicked onto the fact that a lot of women seek Khaleeji men only and they hope the women do not study their profile too hard where it actually states they have a visa not permanent status and that their photo dressed in thobe etc will draw the girls to them?.

Ok, many meet and marry their spouse via them successfully, but I am wondering how many idiots they had to wade through before they found him. I am sure most women can honestly say they had their fair share of sleeze bags contact them, either passport/visa seekers or someone wanting a bit of dirty chat or someone wanting to try them out first. Unless I just attracted those types.

Do the women who advertise on there think they wont get lucky unless they post the glamour shot???. And what is it with the hair dyed blonde? Having owned my own salon I can spot a brunette dyed blonde from a mile off.

Maybe I am just being mean, but actually a non muslim friend of mine also had the same opinion as me about some of the profile pics when they browsed some of the sites just out of interest.


~Aishah Schwartz said...

Just say to yourself, "Al-hamdulillah, I am married!" and let it go sis.

UmmKhaled said...

Those women who do that...they don't realize when they are the GF they are treated different...when they become the ALLLLL changes...and then a lot of politcs and culture stuff becomes a part of life. It is different being the WIFE of the Emirati Man for sure. It is pretty hard because when in UAE you are not with your husband as much as in your own country. They are always with their father and brother. And you are always with your sis in laws, cousin in laws, mother in law and their friends. Gets LONELY I tell matter how much shopping you get to do and how big of a house you have and how nice your car is.

Pearlhope24 said...

Subhanallah! To the person who commented above me, I can't believe you had the nerve to post disgusting images during the end of Ramadan! It really saddens me that women are portrayed as sexual objects. I'm utterly shocked and dismayed with your input that you have contributed to this discussion. Jordanian arabian girl may Allah S.W.T guide you. Ameen.

Imanes Mama said...

For some reason I can not delete that comment with the link. Normally it has a delete box by it but I am going to try to work out how.

Imanes Mama said...

Ok I removed it. Sorry Jordanian arabian girl, but the link was offensive and not really what my post was about.

Umm Qahtan said...

Cheap women will only attract cheap men with such glamo shots trying to get a mans attention. They do make the decent women of society look odd for being so well covered in hijab etc.
Ive heard of a few people who met their husbands on and so far soo good mashaAllah.
May Allah guide all of us to have taqwa & strong iman.Ameen.

Anonymous said...

omg the link is not deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!do not click unless you want to see filth *still shocked*

Ok, moving on...

At times, we browse the muslim matrimonials. We had to lol at the Russian girls who want 'ONLY Saudi/Emirati OK!!' rofl

There are so many of these trashy girls throwing themselves at men who they think have money that most of these men wouldn't even pee on them if they were on fire.

My sister-in-law & family lived & worked in Sharjah (she at Sharjah ladies club, and BIL owned car rental business) and I visited her a few times. Reading your (interesting) blog reminds me of visiting them...


Muslim Matrimonial said...

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jack said...

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