Saturday, 13 March 2010

Blogging Is On The Backburner Right Now

Life has been busy these past few weeks so not had time to blog.

I have had my 3rd cold this year (having diabetes has really upset my immune system), my husband has been ill with a cold and last night we also ended up in the A&E of the eye hospital as his eye has gone all red and it hurts him a lot.
We have to go back this morning so a doctor can look at it further.

My husband has also been referred to a skin cancer specialist as our doctor noticed a small mole on the side of his nose that she really does not like the look of. His appt is next thursday morning so prayers that it is nothing please.

I have been working hard on my art and currently have some digital fantasy backdrops for sale on ebay (my ebay ID is thefairypath). I have also being creating lots of fantasy scenes for a client in the USA, so been busy busy busy.

I have also been feeling a lot of anger these past few weeks. My ex husband (daughters father) had yet another child with his new wife. How I found out about it was she stuck a photo of the new baby on my facebook page with a note basically saying "I hope Imane is happy she has a new sister). Well NO Imane was not happy sorry to say and neither was I. How can that man continue to breed when he has not paid a penny in child support for 6 years.
I sent his wife a mesg saying enough was enough, that I wanted my ex's email addy so I can ask him to start paying for Imane. I got ZERO response so I am mad, mad, mad right now.

Anyway I will leave him in the hands of Allah.


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

praying that all goes well for your husband and yourself :)
about imanes father hes an idiot maybe itd be best if they werent on your facebook?
naz :)

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

oh you have been dealing with so much lately! Inshallah all of y'all get well soon. And inshallah the mole turns out not to be a problem!

that is a very ummmm can't think of the word... strange(thats not quite the word I am wanting to use but its all I can think of right now).... way to announce a new baby to an ex-wife of a husband.

Since y'all are in Europe, is there a way to get him to be forced to pay up? You ex is a cruel cruel man to let his own daughter suffer just because he may have a problem with you.

May Allah help you through all of these difficulties!

I will keep you in my dua'as inshallah!

Imanes Mama said...

I have recently removed his ex wife from FB as she was always commenting on my life in a negative way.
Sadly Twizzle I cant do anything about making him pay up as Switzerland where they live are not in the EU so I dont have a leg to stand on.

Thanks for your thoughts both of you

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