Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Everything is ok with Hubby, now its my turn

We went to the skin hospital and thanks Allah all is well, nothing for hubby to worry about.

On Monday I have my appointment at the same hospital which I have waited 3 long months for.
I have had for the past two years a small lesion on my breast (very small) but as it has not gone away and scabs over all the time and now itches my doctor has sent me to be checked as she does not like the look of it anymore. I am hoping it is nothing, having lost my mother and only sister to cancer, I really dont think I could deal with it myself.

The past week has been Hell at work.
I work for local government in the UK in Housing and we have been so short staffed. On monday there were just 2 HMA's out of 4 and I had to cover the cash desk (as cashier was off as usual)and cover the phones (which can ring no-stop sometimes). Then my work collegue suddenly said she had a migraine so asked to go home. I was left covering everything, trying to take cash from tenants, answer calls (some of them demanding and abusive) as well as deal with tenants who think the government should totally manage their lives.
I got so stressed that I had a major blow out in the main office haha, I really let rip with some very unislamic language. Luckily my collegues gave me a big ole hug.

Ummmm what else has happened this week. Oh yes, the little brat from over the road.
My daughter has started to play outside, she has made friends with a little 8 year old who lives over the road. Last night while doing some 3D work for a client I let her come in the house and play with Imane. She finally left about 7pm.
After Imane fell asleep I went to the bathroom and as I switched on the light I noticed something smeared all over the wall. I took a closer look and it was POOH, yes you read that correctly.

There was pooh alllll over the back wall and then I noticed chunks of it on the floor. I knew it was NOT Imane, never in 6 years has my child done something dirty like that, she may do a lot of VERY naughty things but not that.
In the morning when Imane woke up I tried to find out what happened, it took a while as she was trying to protect her new friend. Finally she told me the girl used the bathroom, did a pooh, dipped the toilet brush into the toilet and thought it would be funny to paint my walls with her turds.
She then shook the brush and let all her mess fly off everywhere.

This child is now BANNED from my house and I have a good mind to go speak with her mother. However her mother has 2 6ft Pythons so do I really want to mess with her lol.


Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

I hope your lesion on your breast turned out to be nothing inshaAllah! I am sorry I didn't see this post until just now but please make an update.

Also, that friend of Imane's and the poop.... gross. that is just really really REAAAAAAAAAAAALLY disgusting. I can't believe this kid thought it would be fun to do!

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