Monday, 5 March 2012

Decency Laws in UAE

One of the things your not supposed to do in UAE is slurp all over your partner in public, especially so if your not married.
Staying in a hotel room together, having sex and kissing in public is forbidden if your not married, the latter also goes for married couples.

So I was shocked today to see in the Daily Mail newspaper that Z List celebrity Kerry Katona parading around on a beach in Dubai slurping all over her latest fella
How come all the celebs (if you can call most of them that), get away with laying on top of each other in public, kissing, touching each other up etc yet they do not get arrested or warned. Yet time and time again you read stories of normal couples being arrested for doing no more than kissing each other on the cheek.

Why are celebs allowed to get away with this indecency in public and no one else??? It astounds me.

UAE has strict decency laws which do not appear these days to be relevant if your a celeb.
I think its really unfair, you cant pick and choose who you will throw in the jail and who you will not. This is a side of UAE I do not like at all.

I honestly feel since I left UAE in 2004 that it has attracted the Chavs by the bucket load. Before UAE was such a mysterious place, most people had never heared of it, now it attracts anyone and anything and I feel eventually UAE will totally loose the little culture they have left and that makes me sad.
If I was Emirati I would be devistated right now to know that my country was on the same level as Benidorm as a holiday destination in the sense that it appears to be a free for all place for the drunk, half naked, could not give a damn westerners who arrive from all over the globe with virtually no respect for the culture and traditions AND Laws of UAE.

As I have said many many times on my blog, although I miss UAE with all my heart I am glad I got out when I did because I have not had my memories tarnished by what goes on there today.


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