Thursday, 1 March 2012

UK's Freeloaders

British citizens may complain about the UK government but what they need to remember is that when your down on your luck, especially when you have kids that you at least get given money to put food on the table and a roof over your head.

Elsewhere in the world your left to fend for yourself, you get bugger all.
David Cameron intends to limit the amount a family can get to £26,000 a year which is far more than the gross salary of the average UK working person and some people are in uproar about this.

The welfare system was created to get people out of a tight spot when they lost their job or fell on hard times. It was not created to become a way of life as many families in UK use it for.
The amount of young mothers in UK is scary. They get pregnant from a young age and despite not working continue to have child after child putting the burden of raising those children on the tax paying people of the UK. When they feel they are not getting enough or their house is too small they scream blue murder blaming the government, their local council etc when in reality it was their life style choice that put them in that situation.

When your unemployed the UK government gives you an amount to live on for yourself, an amount per child, plus child benefit per child, free school dinners, subsidised school trips, free dental and medicine even free pet care. Plus you get your rent and council tax paid. The money your given is supposed to put food on the table, clothe the family and to pay the utilities such as gas, electricity and water. IT IS NOT to spend of £60 trainers for your 6 month old, Sky TV, getting your fake tan and nails done, 52inch plasma TVs, nights out at a club at the weekend, trips down the pub to get drunk 3 times a week etc.

Some families in the UK are raking in £50,000 plus a year in benefits. One cheek of a family had never worked a day in their life and were about to have their 12th child, crying to the newspapers how their evil local council would not give them a bigger house. WHY SHOULD THEY, you breed them, you feed them, end of.
It is 2012, not 2000BC, your choice of contraception is huge, there is no excuse to get pregnant 4, 5, 6 plus times by mistake and then go out with your begging bowl to the government blaming them for your situation.
I know things around the world are tough job wise, lots of people want to work but just cant find anything. I have full sympathy for these people and you will rarely find anyone who tries hard to find work breeding like a rabbit or complaining about they money the government gives them. The ones who scream loudest are the ones who have made living on welfare a way of life.

I have worked since my daughter was 1.5 years old. I work hard, I pay all my own bills, my rent, my council tax, I dont get free school dinners, free pet care, susidised school trips, subisdised after school club rates despite actually having less money than a family on benefits.

I fully agree with what David Cameron is doing right now. I also hope in the future he limits the amount of money you can get to 3 children. If you continue to breed while living off the tax payer after 3 kids then your on your own.
One thing I hate is seeing kids who have welfare dependant (by choice) parents, dressed like ragamuffins, with blackened teeth, holes in their shoes, dodgy home haircuts while their mothers are standing outside the school gate tarted up to the nines with fake tan and nails, dragging on a fag and talking about going out clubbing and getting hammered at the weekend. Breeding kids to get more money from the government is criminal. If you get money for your kids then that money is for YOUR kids, not for them to be dressed in PVC shit shoes from the Chav shack with their trousers so outgrown there up by their knees, so you can got out and get pissed at the weekend with your tart tan and your outfit from Zara and ensuring your have your 20 fags a day money.

Sorry for the rant but it really makes me CRAZY


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