Thursday, 22 September 2011

Seems To Be All Doom and Gloom At The Moment

The past few months seem to have seen a lot of doom and gloom.
I cant believe all the people I work with who seem to have died recently or fallen seriously ill.

First was our dear Mobile Warden "Ron". Life and Soul of the Mobile Wardens, always found at the biscuit tin in the morning raiding all the chocolate ones. First in the que at our annual office christmas buffet waiting patiently, paper plate in hand. He always wore a hat, weird and wacky to American Stetson, he was so loved. I remember early this year seeing him one week as usual then a week later he walked into the office and you could not imagine the change in him. He looked so ill, just within a week he went from normal looking to looking as though he was seriously ill. He went to the doctor, but I knew he had cancer that morning he walked into the office looking grey and drawn, I know "that" look having lost my mother and sister to cancer, and a month later it was confirmed. Ron was diagnosed in Feb and was dead by July. So sad. He is sadly missed in our office by all of us as well as the other Housing Office staff around the City.

Then my cousins daughter "Summer" was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, it is unlikely she will ever walk or talk and most who have this syndrome do not live past 40 if they are lucky. Summer is just 2 years old and the most beautiful child you can imagine.

One morning our cashier in the office "Ceri" came into work totally hunched over, she could not straighten herself and over the next month or so she became worse. She managed to get into work daily despite the pain and having to live on morphine and also attended endless hospital appointments to find out what was wrong. For the past 7 weeks she has been off work as she is now in a wheelchair and has sadly just been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease which is basically a death sentence and most people die within 2 years. She also has 3 other rare disorders. Tragic, Ceri has two young children.

Then our office got the news that someone we used to work closely with in another department had died. "Neta" had battled cancer and was recovering, she went home one day to collect something and fell down the stairs, she got a blood clot on the brain and died. Her death shocked us all last month, a beautiful soul no longer with us.

Today I found out another dear work collegue "Steve" who I always had a laugh and joke with when I worked at the other Housing Office in Town is bravely fighting Prostrate Cancer and the outlook is not very good.

Please keep all those who are currently suffering in your prayers and pray for the souls of those that have left us.

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