Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Please Make Dua for Summer

As Ramadan is almost at its end, please make Dua for the beautiful daughter of my cousin.

Her name is Summer and she is the most beautiful little girl. Dark like most of my family but with the most beautiful sapphire blue eyes.

She was two last week and although Summer on appearences looks like any other little girl, she is unable to walk, unable to talk and the doctors believe she probably never will. They believe she has a genetic disorder and from all the symptoms and things she does it all points to Retts Syndrome (although we still do not have a diagnosis).

My cousin Sarah (Summers mother) is finding it very difficult to cope with and it is all very traumatic for her to see her daughter regress rather than go forward as other child do as they grow. So please keep them both in your prayers and hope with strength and positivity Summer can develope as best she can and that eventually she will walk and talk.


Sarah Muhammad said...

May Allah cure dearest summer. xoox shes beautiful masha'Allah

Pearl said...

Allah yeshfeeha ameen.
She is an angel..just look at her beautiful face mashaAllah.

O Allah i ask You to grant cure to Summer and reward her mother for her patience in this very hard time. O Allah to You do i call because it is You who will grant cure, YA Allah hear my calling upon You for the sake of this little girl. Allah humma salli ala Mohammed wa ala Alee Mohammed ameen.

Anonymous said...

Bismillah ArRahman ar-Raheem
Amaieen Yujeeb al Muztarrah Iza Da'a'o wa yashaifis Suu...

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