Friday, 22 July 2011

Very Emotional Quran Recitation

Saad Al-Ghamidi is one of my favorites at reciting the Quran, I have many MP3's on my Ipod and most make me cry when listening to them.

When he recites Surah Hud, he begins to cry, it is very emotional and you feel the love in his heart for Allah and the Quran, MashaAllah.

Listening to him break down while reciting reminded me of my sweet mother-in-law. I was listening to her pray once and she became so choked up, tears fell from her eyes as she prayed.

I break down always when I hear the call for prayer from the mosque but they are tears of love and happiness, not sadness.


jnana said...

I love Saad al Ghammadi's recitations too :)

Raihan X said...

He's one of the best....surah Yunus is too good.and there are also so many duas by him.
May Allah bless and forgive him and all the Muslim ummah.

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