Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Married in Mosque 8th November 2009

We finally got married in the Mosque
Our marraige was at Al Quds Mosque in Brighton with just us, two witnesses from the Mosque (one a British Convert), the Imam "Muhammed" who is just so sweet and some old guy who popped in for a cup of tea and to find out about Islam (we let him stay for the ceremony).

Afterwards Rayed and I walked into town in the wind and rain and bought cakes from Marks and Spencer.
Our Big wedding (the UK Civil one) is on 18th December so we also have that to look forward to as well.


Anonymous said...

How's the married life working for you ? I hope you had a lovely wedding!
.. and to think, there might even be a little bambino running around two years down the road...

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