Wednesday, 23 June 2010

After a Break From Blogging

After a break from blogging I thought I would restart again.
Life has been a bit hectic, work has been busy, my business has been busy and of course being a wife and mother is always busy.

My husband is currently in Bournemouth trying to find accomodation for his final year at University. Sadly as soon as he mentions he is Palestinian people seem to get put off wanting to share with him. I think in the end he is going to have to pay the extra and rent a small house or apartment on his own.

My daughter is totally into the World Cup at the moment, something I cant stand. I have never been a football fan and right now it is cringworthy watching UK play.

Imane and my husband are going to UAE for around 6 weeks in the summer, to spend time with my in-laws and to enjoy Ramadan. Sadly there is no way I can take 6 weeks off work but I do hope to fly out for the Eid holiday insha Allah and it will be great to be back in UAE where hopefully I can let some of my pain of having to leave there 6 years ago free.
I miss my life there a lot, miss all the friends I had and miss just waking up to sunshine virtually everyday.

Yesterday in the UK was a big day. The new government released its budget to try to get UK back on track after years of frivolous financial waste by the Labour government. Some of us are going to be hit hard in the pocket but it needs to be done otherwise I can see UK spiralling into something we can never get out of.
I am a little annoyed that they did not tackle the problem of Welfare Benefit however.

In UK many many people live off welfare as a way of life, you often see generations of families who have never done a hard days work in their life, living off the hard working tax payer, continuing to have children even though it is the state who is providing for them.
If I was Primeminister I would limit the amount of help to 2 children only, if your long term unemployed then what right have you got to continue to have children and expect others who work hard to pay for them.
In my job I see on a daily basis girls as young as 22 with 3 or more children who believe the government are responsible for everything in their life. It is morally wrong and I feel the government should have tackled this better.

Well I have been up since 5.30am, I enjoy getting up early, having a coffee while I browse the local papers online. I can then get ready in peace before waking my daughter up. Normally I am in my office by about 8.30am


Kim said...

As salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu my sister in islam,

mashaAllah wa alhamdulillah your well. Im soo happy to see this post this morning, you have been in my thoughts all night long.

May Allah help you ameen. i also hate the football thats going on for the reason that most of the companies are israeli and supporting or buying their products means killing of innocent people in palestine and gaza. ufooo i hate the israeli govenrment with passion. My milk mother who nursed me as a child is Pali/Jordanian and i know i have siblings too from her..i just cant bare the thought of my family in palestine/jordan dying..Allah forbid.

So your lil princess is off to uae for 6 weeks, it could be something that grants her much hapiness in her heart and being around your husbands family who will surely love her and spoil her..TabarakAllah mashaAllah.
Your trip there in Eid may well be a huge lift off ur back, for me uae will be the home i became muslim in despite the hardships i faced there also. People can not ruin our life, we have controll of it, we should enjoy it as Allah granted us such enjoyment.

My front door is open to you sis, if u ever wish to visit salalah, in southern oman..let me home is your home. I know we are strangers in reality but sisters in faith, i feel i have known you for yrs wallah.

Have a grt day in the office. Allah help you & grant you much happiness.Ameen

Hiyyach Allah xox

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